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tv   Ukraine Roma Repression  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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yemen's saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of the crew a crucial port on friday special envoy martin griffiths held talks with senior hoofy rebels who agreed to open a dialogue on the un's role in running the key port city of her data who's the rebels a current named controller of the site but sounded coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months griffiths is using the government in riyadh on sunday in a push for dialogue at a peace talks in sweden next month. on metro actions are being held in bahrain which have been described as a fast by activists the two main opposition groups on taking part. new this year to ban them in a crackdown on dissent. is that i'd stay stay with al-jazeera people in power is up next more news for you after that likes watching.
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eastern europe spread the communities frequently being the victims of discrimination or to put in ukraine with russian backed separatists and start the shoes and surgeon and she wrote the hate crimes for against spartak. we've been to find out what.
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the war in eastern ukraine against russian backed separatists has dragged on for over four years taking the lives of more than ten thousand people and resulting in a million internally displaced refugees it is ledge here a deeply polarized country where no another human tragedy is unfolding. xenophobe because against the roma in parts of europe is nothing new but recent events in ukraine are on a different scale to anything seen three years of. hard world to take long come along to live concert. racial attacks are increasingly common remote communities burned to the ground a young roma woman having her throat first. witness to an academic a hate crime yet. some people starting to shout about that they're
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almost army ranger there on this army armed for body sound and they are committing the crimes. fall rise paramilitaries viewed by the government as a vital in the fight against russian aggression of draining number. itself to situate among the boys but actually choose the best it's their way and they just lose. you which is the million economies case of blocks as the valley was most of that with the problem. that's easy to severe effect just to protect the starvation you know many of these groups lauded by some as war heroes or attacking those who they view as racially inferior. nor was it still one of storm. visit of the visit of any of that there was a lot of what you call. most interesting.
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bathed in all tunnel sunshine. on days perhaps no nicer european capitals in kiev. wonder around the graceful streets and its holds believe the country is actually swore. the thing most modern school is full of tourists. but term knowledge and the atmosphere in some parts of the city changes. tara comes with a tone. at roma settlements like this one people are afraid and with good reason it was during a night time a time in june twenty eighth seen the david paul became the first room it's be killed in the pogroms outside the city of the. his widow was stabbed three times. three hannibal do they. get that i ask a guy i know that was a great challenge and knows. that leisurely but as
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a leisurely not. that clear is that. this is all the trimmings of the room a camp where david was murdered. nicholai years cenk of a room activist has agreed to come and tell us what happened here. he carries a baseball bat to his introspection is this slight cello really at the what the v. the ball a bit past was or was than any of them caught up or bizarrely were brought on the billy will brother talk about it doesn't put it all but the noble about not over when it was a slip of the ball up with the shalit it doesn't islam one has a gun as over when it is possibly what the store and he will pile him over the barrier from reports appear to want out of but it also is not an annual force the boss of the ones is. going to push the police. so not the
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chili. yes. killable a only mungo. chris charlie. they are. uniquely in the current wave of the time the ukrainian police called for culprits the teenagers you know awaits trial. the truth of the saying the problem is time groom the minister for internal affairs points the finger at russia. immediately stores cousin volleyballs go ballistic. decide. not to cause overseas cause i. really don't know. it does sometimes at times just good what became of that up at a party and what it's a buy be
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a designer is get it out. there is no information about links between those groups violence against roma with russian federation and of course their criminals are not russian engines and guys with earth are no because in a for the fields. for the most part crimes against the rumor go unpunished no one has ever been convicted for killing a room and. these protesters are demanding justice following the shooting which left warm room a man dead and several others injured in the eastern city of cold cave. on the remove is the law. but taking on such cases is a dangerous business as move could discover that when he received a visit from a state prosecutor he was omed with a gun and accompanied by several men. stopped at the moist that adult bus line
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yelled for a court order you'll know before that the little store. but it's a terrible toll cigar name in here. and you just learned that those two boys your age group or much patrolling your snail darter. little yellow ball such one is just . such as nick that ever came of the chill is preposterous the talk of phonology is like a chilly movie sustained serious head injuries and you've put says it was the living is the margin for poor door just from one. of the current wave of hate crime began on the twentieth of april which happens to be hitler's birthday. when a temporary rumah camp in kiev was attacked by a group calling itself c fourteen. it was the group who is writing ideology i would say. we know that because they all stood on their facebook
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accounts. actually we see there are people. people who are just taken out of their homes and they had to run away. is an example of the. sort of culture we're strong in. some of them you know not just. some of them were. secured their own said. something it was good and so there are some things that he's good. at the group but it's and you know it's a bit. someone in the kitchen but their teachers greets you the news of the nation. or you know if you can.
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see fourteen's leader you have given us agreed to meet us he says his group works closely with the police and that they too were involved in the program in kiev. they want to do. all that is going to be with you but it was their operation of the police and the official authorities or those in the think it was also very good manipulation women to give us all just walk. but it was born and by the. people of the sea fourteen attack inspired other attacks across the country. like this one point national school which they streamed live on the internet. to see if you're going to stay with the good reason you like. the apparent impunity of those who participate in these crimes has led to an exodus
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of rain the from kiev. to come each other. and so when your ideas are thought of as kind of any parting at. the junk that seriousness jim i want to thank you dismissed an interesting thought this is falling upon us but just as. well i would say it's all political. was you know we'll have a leg. adamant. and always our talks with me as a test of the society. on how they will react whether they will support such political parties. to get. polarity among people because those radical groups. this was all the tags they committed to. presidential candidates for the socialist
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policy keep it is a strong advocate for the death penalty so you can be seen here congratulating paramilitaries after they assaulted a group of running the close to kiev station the group included a pregnant woman and several children so it's a good idea. in here all morning at the chest options still eaves you would just love to a. movement known cheech. reach who also who are no born star on the border i knew but as to why. this is the reason if the district of kiev. a rundown neighborhood littered with abundant hines's. for years rumors have migrated to these nooses from the hungarian speaking province of trans cooperate here in western ukraine desperate to
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find work. people like anton who scrapes together a living by collecting scrap metal to sell. in the current climate many have fled. kind of into the ghost alice the latest attempt. at canary a sort of kill. a senior years always out of the money of c.b.s. the person asked. if she'd like to get a stylist not so long. as it's good if someone is like a pipe ten years dealing for the most on a pay me out of his. temper silliness to he next. movie just out of court will be gods as
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a facility that was issued without his voice on the key. passed through really certified ellison's in level of polishing at the western edge of the galaxy funny. after the sea for tina turner this house was burned inhabitants of fled back to trans copy thea. to places like this. the roma social meant to. where many people have no documents. it did you. never as long as a politician but as a one yes when you're in the comment dining approached him because of anya i knew all the politics so i think it says cup or mush and you know what all those toys i need so just are not near the source of the thought of this year one of my numbers isn't. just one nurse provides health care for the seven thousand inhabitants of the settlement. but as fully as i buy they have a chance at they will get
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a roof with. us. at the back a battle of their area. many of the children here have never been to school an unofficial quota system means that only four room of children are permitted to a class of thirty even in areas where room and children are in the majority. even without the quota for many it would remain impossible. but he said that you all ok thank you we are not that some of. the squad that would. not show. it but fearless. leaders all felt that they did. not show up at the a party. at thirteen is natalee's eldest son
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out of six children excluded from school the kernel tree in turn off right. most days he helps his mother got the nuts and berries to supplement very meek it dies. boxing is his passion i was going to start on growth. which is a shit hole to oppose it was enough those give me the right not to go. to i was drawing from barrow is the turn of the road where warm room a woman is changing the lives of many roomy children. to school is the any one of its kind in ukraine. the waiting list for those parents hoping to enroll their children extends two years it's
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a clump of horror that absolute not only women's nine. at the data thought they. knew me in the there's a chance that this is my brother will. that's a woman started on usenet yes i thought. yes some are wrong yes i asked the quicker that that a son brother viney i'm. missing that in your mind. back in my room we meet and last july the daughter isabella was brutally killed whilst walking in the time. an unknown assailant with rage. is opposed to underlings is all from. my fear. and i get those levels to. this level more calmly.
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like fellow. delusional. george woman the. courts will. make. ed. there. it's just the latest in a series of attacks that has left you trains run the community feeling abandoned by the state. if thirty's refusal to treat the murder as a hate crime simply adds insult to injury. elsewhere the issue is being taken seriously. this is the celebrated actor eagle creek you know directing rehearsals at the roma theater in kiev. the play
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tells the story of multi atrocities committed against the roma and is being staged because of the rise in hate crimes. that. everybody feet here the burger courier. which has always been a meaningless lesson norm is to me probably when the russian it's against him countries who are his richest which will be just a minute will gray. he will amely you don't go studying the pros and me but dames and they jihad to get the berlin game at his age you have to store those nobody actually interest for them on list. if you're going to quarry by lawyer. and that's and then his associate. one and a half million rumah were killed in the holocaust the second largest ethnic group after the jews there is fear within both communities that the horrors depicted in
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this play are in danger of returning especially among those who survived the second world war and particularly in light of the most recent fatal attacks against the regime at the thrash it was all the slash men that are good you. yet there's a cheerful dictatorial didn't really have it but a little. less a story he says or lenient. with you know that it's a book. he used to believe so you wouldn't last an idiot but most of the british sort of your own good do you believe that book room of history but that dust an easy ears who dearly brutes that most of the big issue would be new but the but the quote would need to be near you to him. this is the card careful of course museum in eastern ukraine. it was founded
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by the research of all of the age here as a jewish child escaped called kids just before the time was seized by the moat sees she passionately believes we must never forget what can happen when far right xenophobia is obliged to go unchecked what's causing. your pain is less. at their disposal i mean how much unknown little. if a cousin committed to it. and now in two thousand aviation authority has fellas and what is it something of a scuffle and then let's go to fucking another third of a opossum oh my god there you only see i'm here to answer that is three i. the worst atrocity occurred in kiev as bobby young over thirty three thousand men women and children were taken to ravine and shot in just two days by
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german forces and the ukrainian collaborators. most of the victims were jews but many rumah perished here too. very few escaped one woman who did was die on the j.v. or. rather proud of their brother there was only a burglar or. whatever the mayor. she said was younger though but says that was that it tumble at this joke at the rest area by view of euro bill idealisation like a source of it is you cheered to see your journey i say may i say that i will read us of what you said and i was all of that when you got that he's got all studied a c.c.s. less than he gave you by the much as other years it
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a bit over the look at that i wish to pull ups yesterday where is the alley. you know. there's sort of. this candlelit vigil remembers the victims of. the march tells a story of the city of kenya mostly this is remembering a. jewish. community but also the roma form diets and some speakers also underlines you know the parallels between the past and the current. that really if you. look back at what i'm going to sell their sets of stuff but i still. hear about still a simple. number just so when anybody would know that you could do blues really
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get at the idea of. who it was just daily at the store usually. it is really in the deed is the new book that it took thirty three but the most it does look with don't was that i'm sick of this bullshit because that seemed to do it at length and as you say. it's ok with the fourteenth in kiev and a very different commemoration is underway this is defenders day a national holiday. thousands of ukrainian nationalists have converged in the center to mark the seventy sixth anniversary of the creation of the ukrainian insurgent on me the nationalist paramilitary force that participated in nazi genocide joined the second world war. that is an important date for the likes of you have guinea congress leader of c fourteen a show of strength as next year's election approaches possibilities of it but that
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it isn't at the. i want to ask a former up would you put it all day. when you sit flog me so as to them with a fierce name was pretty good for. alice alleles the thing that you need to get out of it i was up with. this cause fame is that all the i'm. a little bit. in the wake of the escalating attacks against the roma defenders day is a controversial event because it enjoys the suppose of the government while the harnessing of nationalism undauntedly helps to rally ukrainians in the struggle to free themselves from russia its may also have opened a pandora's box. they
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said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we can reach a lot of people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and when sets are not a future in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition movies or to cock one on out is iraq.
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shawn the liers all staring down at what humanity done scenarios no one would ever know how many heroes die just discovered by it was a good body bag it was all robert simpson the shots came from the holiday and you heard craig speakers on the balcony of the hotel was really just want to break off because we've got so many. that i'm not interested in and somehow. wore hotels a brand new series coming soon normal just zira. answering stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives a caravan is a fact helpful e-mail and a highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president trump cannot stop talking about the news the separate the spin for the facts the misinformation from the journalism the shot eyes of b.b.c.'s reporting free to leave the listening post on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to
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understand the very the french were there before something happens and we don't leave the. pressure mounts on donald trump over the matter of jamal democrats fully investigation into how the u.s. president has handled the case. fully back to. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up mass protests in paris against an increase in fuel tanks and president mccall's economic policies taiwan's president steps down as leader of her party after it suffers a blow in local elections and.


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